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Sunshine O. Miles, Songwriter

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Sunshine O. Miles has been writing songs for over 40 years. She started writing in the early ‘80s as a hobby. In the latter ‘90s, when she became serious about pursuing it as a career, she had a 16 year pause from 2000 – 2016 when her mother took sick, and she became one of her primary caregivers until her death. After taking a few years off, but never from her songwriting, she decided to pursue her passion again. In 2021, she established Sunshine O. Miles Music. Her mission is to write songs that deals with every aspects of life, love and acceptance.

“A song is powerful. It has the ability to set a mood or change the atmosphere without warning. It can even transport you back in time to a memory from long ago. Songwriting is my passion. Therefore, I strive to write real songs, be it inspirational or secular, that awakens the mind, body and soul.”